Autonomous Research PatrolBot is a high-quality, differential-drive robot designed for research projects that require reliable, continuous duty cycle or a mid-size payload.

·         The PatrolBot has been designed to carry effectors and sensors over all normal indoor surfaces in wheelchair-accessible facilities

·         With included laser guidance and navigation software, onboard computer, and docking station, the Autonomous Research PatrolBot is capable of a continuous tasking/charging cycle.

·         PatrolBot can map buildings and continuously localize within a few centimeters while traveling in mapped areas.

·         With the proper accessories, the robot is able to speak, play and hear audio, transmit a mounted camera view, and drive without supervision.


Product Description:

·         The base PatrolBot can travel at speeds up to 2 m/s, and can carry up to 40kg over flat surfaces.  PatrolBot comes standard with MobileRobots Pioneer SDK.

·         A rear-facing array of ultrasonic sonar sensors is included; laser rangefinder sensors are available for forward-facing sensing.

·         With the optional Laser Mapping & Navigation System and MobileEyes, PatrolBot can map buildings and constantly update its position within a few cm while traveling within mapped areas. 

·         With the appropriate optional accessories, you can see the robot’s view remotely, speak, play and hear audio, and send the robot on patrol.

·         In addition, the PatrolBot Docking Station allows for 24x7 operation, as the onboard software can navigate the PatrolBot to the charging station needed.

·         The PatrolBot is an all-purpose indoor base, ideal for research and applications including:

a.        mapping

b.       teleoperation

c.        localization

d.       monitoring

e.       reconnaissance

f.         vision

g.        manipulation

·         PatrolBot runs best on hard surfaces. It can traverse low sills and household power cords and climb wheelchair ramps.

·         Reliable - In tests, the Autonomous Research PatrolBot completed over 500 km of autonomous navigation and automatic recharge without intervention. Construction is very durable and rugged. PatrolBot easily traverses power cords, elevator gaps, and ramp transitions which can hinder other robotic platforms.

·         Pioneer Software Development Kit - All Adept MobileRobots platforms include Pioneer SDK, a complete set of robotics applications and libraries that accelerate the development of robotics projects. Pioneer SDK is backed by our product support team.

·         Customizable - Easily accessorize by choosing from dozens of supported and tested accessories that integrate with the robotic platform. Additional help is available for future upgrades or added accessories


Technical Specifications:

·         PHYSICAL

Length (cm [in]): 59 cm  [23 in]

Width (cm [in]): 48 cm [19 in]

Height without accessories (cm [in]): 38 cm [15 in]

Ground Clearance (cm [in]): 5 cm  [2.0 in]

Weight (with min. battery capacity) (kg [lbs]): 46 kg [101 lbs]

Rated Payload (for best performance) of base platform with included battery (kg [lbs]): 33 kg [66 lbs] (flat surface), 19 kg [42 lbs] (@ 13% grade)

Maximum Payload of base platform with included battery (kg [lbs]): 40 kg [88 lbs] (flat surface), 25 kg [55 lbs] (@ 13% grade)



Body: Steel frame with powder-coated 2.3mm aluminum body

IP Rating: IP 42 (all covers in place)

Environment and Terrain: Indoor

Operating Temperature Range (deg C [deg F]): 0° to 40° C  [32° to 104° F]


·         POWER

Battery Voltage (DC): 24 V

Battery Capacity (each battery module) (Ah): 20 Ah

Number of Battery Modules Possible: 1

Total Capacity (Ah): 20 Ah

Battery Chemistry: Sealed lead-acid

Battery Access: Removable panel access

Hot-Swappable Battery Modules?: No

Continuous run time (hours): 3 (with laser and computer)

Full Recharge time (hours): 3.2 hours


·         MOBILITY

Drive: 2-wheel differential drive, with 4 balancing casters

Wheel Composition: Foam filled non-marking rubber, hard casters

Suspension: Yes

Drive Wheel Diameter (cm [in]): 20 cm [7.9 in]

Drive Wheel Width (cm [in]): 5 cm [2.0]

Pushing force (kg [lbs]): 22 kg [48 lbs]

Swing radius (cm [in]): 29 cm [11.4 in]

Turn Radius: 0

Max Translation Speed (below rated payload) (m/sec [miles/hour]): 1.7 m/s [3.8 mph]

Max Traversable Step (cm [in]): 2 cm [0.8 in]

Max Traversable Gap (cm [in]): 3.5 cm [1.4 in]

Max Traversable Slope: 13% (1:7)

Traversable Terrains: Wheelchair accessible


·         CONTROL

Robot Controller: Dedicated robot controller included standard

Software Communication: Pioneer Protocol over RS-232 serial or USB-Serial

Motion Control Modes: Platform velocity (2DOF translation, rotation) Relative distance translation,  Relative heading

Position Estimate: Continuous pose (X, Y, θ) estimate using wheel encoders and optional gyro if equipped

Software command/data communications update rate: 10hz



Onboard Computing Option: Yes

Computer Form Factor: EBX

PCI expansion: 4 PC/104+

Computer IO Ports: 4 USB 2.0, 4 serial, 2 ethernet

Wireless Network (Wifi) Option for Onboard Computer: 802.11a/b/g

Wireless operation interface option (without onboard computer): Yes



General-purpose Analog Inputs Available: 6 (with computer)

General-purpose Digital I/O Available (some may be used by accessories): 16 (with computer)

Microcontroller Additional Serial Ports (data passed via Pioneer robot controller protocol): 1

Power Outputs Available: 1 5V @ 2 A ea, 3 12V @ 2 A ea (5 total), 1 24V @ 2 A ea, 2 battery @ 2 A ea, 1 estoppped battery @ 7.5 A


·         CONTROLS, PORTS AND INDICATORS (side or top panels)

Robot status LCD Display: Yes, supports user messages

Emergency Stop Button Control: Disconnect motion power

Motion Button Control: Brake release button

External User Panel Aux Power Switches: No (use software)

Robot Joystick (may be used as direct manual robot control, or as input to software): Yes


Accessories (Optional):

·         SOFTWARE

ARIA Mobile Robotics Software Development APIIncluded: Yes

ARNL Laser Indoor Autonomous Navigation Software Development Library: Optional

SONARNL Sonar Autonomous Navigation Software Development Library Included: Yes

MOGS GPS Outdoor Autonomous Navigation Software Development Library: No

MobileEyes remote monitoring and visualization GUI included: Yes

MobileSim simulator included: Yes



Sonar Sensors: 4 rear, 5 m range

Multi-DOF Arm option: Yes

2-DOF Gripper option: No

Bumper Segments: 6 front, 6 rear

Speakers for onboard computer included: Yes

Laser rangefinder options. Autonomous navigation software included with laser: Yes

LMS200, additional URG near floor: optional

Gyro. rotation sensor, automatic position correction Optional

6-axis IMU: No

GPS/DGPS option: No

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera Option: Yes

ACTS Color-Tracking software option: Yes

MobileRanger depth sensor option: Yes

Speech synthesis (text-to-speech) software option: Yes


·         Laser-range finders

Mono- and stereo-vision cameras

Wireless serial to Ethernet for remote operation

Robotic arms



Speakers and microphones


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