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About Us

Brimatec Limited was established in 2002, to provide Design & Engineering consultancy to the Hydro Power Industry. Since its beginning in UK in 2002, Brimatec Limited has become the leading service provider of hydro power consultancy in Europe, with offices in 4 cities worldwide, including the U.K. Headquarter in Donsacter, South Yorkshire. Brimatec has been the pioneer in consulting on the Technical knowhow of Hydro Schemes, designing & engineering of Hydro Power House, hydro turbines, reversible pump turbines, governors, valves, generators/ motors, mechanical and electrical balance of Plant along with project engineering and management. The company expanded its operations in Africa in 2006 with the technical capabilities of site supervision, technical support, E&M Conceptual design of Pumped Storage & Conventional Hydro Electric Schemes. Design & preparation of Customer tender specifications and layout drawings, for the Electro-Mechanical equipments.

Brimatec Limited has achieved tremendous experience in design and preparation of tender specifications for:

·         Glendoe, Scotland: Development of the Front End Engineering Design (FEED), tender specifications and evaluation of bids for the 100 MW Glendoe Hydroelectric project, Scotland.

·         Ingula Pumped storage project, South Africa: Design and preparation of the plant specifications and layout drawings for the 1332MW (4 x 333 MW) Ingula Pumped Storage Project, South Africa.

·         Drop 4, USA: Preparation of specifications for the Cooling Water and Oil Handling Systems, for the 10 MW Propeller unit.

Talking about the expertise in the New Build technology, Brimatec has raised the bars in providing the best in class consultancy in Turbines, Valves, Gates and Refurbishment Services. Listing below the industry giants who have been satisfied with the aforementioned services:

·         Marun, Iran – Mechanical design of Francis Turbine (1x75 MW):

·         Renun, Indonesia – Trouble shooting and design improvements to 2 x 70 MW Francis Turbines.

·         Esti Hydro Project, Panama - Design of Dam bottom outlet forced cone valve.

·         Foyers 100 MW Spherical type Main Inlet Valve – Design for refurbishment and residual life assessment.

·         Tilbury Thermal Power Station Cooling Water Butterfly Valve – Root cause analysis and corrective actions for problems on bearings.

·         Banimboola 11 MW Hydro project, Australia – Design of the draft tube gates.

·         Nam Theun 2 Laos – Design of gates

·         Finlarig 16 MW Unit, Scotland (OEM: Boving)

·         Awe Barrage (0.72 MW), Scotland (OEM: Aemfield/Alstom)

·         Two 21 MW units at Kindaruma, Kenya (OEM: Boving)

·         Cathleen Falls 232  MW units, Ireland (OEM: KMW)

·         Viulfossen, Norway (OEM: Kvaerner)

·         Invergarry 20 MW Turbine, Scotland (OEM: English Electric)

·         OK Tedi Mining (2x30 MW), Papua New Guinea (OEM: Boving)

·         Stonebyres & Bonnington Power Stations, Scotland, UK

Brimatec Limited extended its consultancy services through train the trainer programs which scaled up the expectations instantaneously. Technical training programs basically helped the company staff to learn by doing projects practically. Brimatec has been responsible for defining, developing, executing and controlling the required designs and equipments supplies through its unbeatable Quality Systems.

Brimatec decided to expand in India in 2013 with its new and innovative technology ventures. On the lines of expertise in the renewable sources of energy, Brimatec came up in the field of Solar Power through its sister concern named Brimatec Solutions, located in Jabalpur, M.P - India. We are leading & lightening India with our Solar Power projects. India is on the threshold of becoming the next largest market for solar installations. Garnering a global reputation for quality, efficiency, customer care and reliability, Brimatec Solutions continues to move swiftly towards its aim: making long lasting solar power available to the largest numbers at the most affordable prices, best quality and support. Brimatec’s Solar Power includes Solar Power Plants/ Solar Rooftop systems, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Street Lights, Solar Batteries, Solar Gadgets to name a few. Brimatec few clients for Solar Power Solutions across India are:

·         DS Green Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. Katni, Dabhona

·         Gokarna Gram Panchayat, Karnataka

·         Shiv Minerals and Chemicals, Jaitwara, M.P

·         Nirupam Associates, Bhopal, M.P

·         Kawadashi Gram Panchayat, Chandrapur, M.H

Brimatec has now been accelerating its pace towards growth and technology at par with the industry. Besides Solar Power, Brimatec has also taken initiative in the fields of 3D Printing, LED Lighting Solutions, UPS Batteries, and Condensers. Bringing technology to society with maximum throughput in affordable investment is what Brimatec believes in.

Brimatec 3D Printing technology in India brings the ability to take 3D CAD designs from the CAD screen to a realistic part in-hand with the 3D printing process as easy as pushing a button.  Fit and form models, Print assembly part and manufacture production tools on the fly or produce a small batch of production end use parts. This is all made possible with 3D Printing technologies, Brimatec Solutions offers with unrivalled range of consumable material options. Brimatec Solutions offers two of the most versatile 3D printing technologies viz. FDM (Fused deposition Modeling) and Polyjet technology to meet the bulging expectations of the industrial designers and Engineers. Brimatec is gearing up to offer, 3D PRINT READY CONTENT through its 3D Market place to create an eco-system to facilitate sharing of 3D Designs & 3D Printable Products amongst users, designers & buyers to improve 3D adaptation amongst individuals and Industries.

In near future, Brimatec is launching its own applications to help companies and designers to integrate their Data conversion, customize CAD files to make them 3D Print-Ready files, stand-alone Estimator tools and many other applications.

Brimatec power saving initiatives includes LED Lighting Solutions to enable hard earned savings on electricity bills with the best in class non-carbon emitting and green LED based lighting solutions. Adopting the habit of utilizing these green energy tangible substitutes makes earth a healthy and pollution free place to live. LED Lighting Solutions includes AC LED Street Lights, Solar LED Street Lights, LED Bulbs, LED Tube lights, LED Surface and Slim Panel Lights, LED Commercial Lights, LED Flood Lights, etc.

Continuing its journey towards expansion, Brimatec took a step ahead in a diversified technology field in 2015. Brimatec Limited shakes hands with Zucchetti Centro Sistemi Spa, an Italy based company to receive exclusive importer ship rights to sell Robots online as well as offline in UK. Ambrogio specializes in automatic lawn mowing for almost 15 years. Ambrogio Robot is the Automatic lawnmower Robot that takes care of the lawn completely on its own and in complete safety. Innovation and technology, advanced level of performance, high quality material, “Made-in-Italy”- style and design, user friendly interface with dedicated apps, 17 models that meet every gardening need and difficulty. Brimatec aims not only just sell these robots in UK but also provide engineering and customer support for Robot Installation and After Sales services. Brimatec has always been focusing on its engineering services to achieve customer delight and sustain it. Apart from Ambrogio Robots, Brimatec has also been collaborating with Adept Mobile Robots, Grillbot – Grill Cleaning Robots and Evopac – Packaging Robots.

Keep watching for more surprises and innovations in the hi-tech world.

Brimatec - Director Board

Founder – Mr. Manohar Manwani


Brimatec - General Management Committee:

Manohar Manwani 

R.P. Nagwani

Nandan Choithani